Mary Vigliante Szydlowski

I'm much too cute to eat! And besides, I'm allergic to mash potatoes and gravy!

Eat lasagna not turkey!

What did you say you were eating for Thanksgiving dinner?


Millie Muldoon & the Case of the Thanksgiving Turkey-napper

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Millie Muldoon has been called in on a new case. It's two days before Thanksgiving and her cousin Richard's pet turkey, Monica, has disappeared. The family fears she's been turkey-napped! Assisted by her pesky little brother Roger and her annoying boy cousins: the Konitskis, the Larabees, and the Rossis; Millie must use all her detective skills to make sure that Monica doesn't wind up as the main course of someone's holiday feast. It's a race against the clock as Millie follows every clue, tracks down every lead, and questions every suspect to discover the culprit and save Monica before it's too late!