Mary Vigliante Szydlowski

My first book THE ARK is published in the fall of 1978. Unfortunately, the publisher will not let me use my real name because..... #1. men are the primary readers of science fiction and they won't read SF written by a woman and #2. my last name is too ethnic. They want something spacey sounding. We settle on Jarl Szydlow. This was the first and only time I ever used this pseudonym.

Picture from a newspaper article about my first book The Ark


Published by Manor Books in 1978 under the pseudonym Jarl Szydlow

Although this book is out of print. Used copies are still available at:

  Whirling out in space, the spacecraft ALPHA-ARK is doomed. The ship's complex life-support systems have malfunctioned and no one knows how to repair them. Without the machines there can be no food. The crew will starve, their ship condemned to travel the infinite universe for eternity. The discovery of a secret computer reveals the truth of their past and the fate that awaits them if the ship should land. They are not alone on the Ark. The masters who would enslave them lie sleeping, frozen, ready to rise again.

  "They discovered the location of the cocoons. The bodies were frozen intact. Sebrum eyed them and an idea passed his brain. Meat was meat, anything was better than starvation. They allowed the corpse to thaw and then began to devour it."