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Little Sowbug & the Big Flood

Published December 2018

Little Sowbug loves his home in the woodpile! His whole family lives there. His mother and father. His grandmas and grandpas. His aunts, uncles, and cousins. It's in a great neighborhood. Crawling with bugs, slugs, spiders, and caterpillars of every size and description. There are lots of things to eat nearby. Wormy apples. Mushy brown fruit. And plenty of juicy, rotten leaves. There's even a stream down the hill from his house. Little Sowbug likes the water. He thinks it's pretty. The way it glistens in the sunshine and moonlight. He wants to visit the water someday. But then it begins to rain and the stream starts rising. And it doesn't stop! It keeps comes closer and closer and closer to his house! Little Sowbug quickly decides he doesn't like the water. It's muddy and mean. He wants it to go away! Back down the hill where it belongs! But will it?

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