Mary Vigliante Szydlowski


The inspiration for a new children's book: a sandwich-stealing iguana!


The Farble family: Burt, his wife Gert, the girls: Sal, Tish, Jane, Barb, May, Dee, Fay and Lee, and the boys: Roy, Ray, Jay, Ed, Fred, Sam, Jed and Ben. And in the back is Grandpa Stan and Grannie Em and Gert's folks Grandpa Zac and Grandma Sue and Uncle Zeke and Auntie Lou and of course the baby, little Irwin.


This book is wonderfully creative. Mary Vigliante Szydlowski has a very vivid imagination to create creatures as entertaining as the Farbles. They are cute, lovable, and friendly. This book offers lessons on hygiene, cleanliness, and responsibility. It teaches children to care for and appreciate the environment around them. Books that teach and offer so much are rare to come by. I recommend this book to all ages. The Farbles are great fun! A customer review of I Can't Talk, I've Got Farbles In My Mouth posted on


1982 Tower Books edition of Worship the Night


1985 Leisure Books edition of Worship the Night


1980 Everest House edition of Silent Song


What a thrill! My first published book, The Ark, came out in the fall of 1978.


Little Girl Lost

Sheriff Zac McHenry is fit to be tied. A new "working girl" just showed up at the local truck stop. He doesn't want "her kind" in town! He arrests her, but things aren't what they seem. She's no hooker…she's a librarian! Her name is Ali, and she's trying to track down a 13-year-old runaway. The girl disappeared from the truck stop a week ago and hasn't been heard from since. Zac tries to send Ali packing, even checks her out of her motel room, but she refuses to leave until she finds the girl. With the rodeo in town and all the hotel and motel rooms in the area booked up, Ali finds herself temporarily homeless. With no place else to go, she moves in with the sheriff until a room becomes available. Zac thinks his houseguest is a foul-mouthed, ill-behaved hellion. She thinks he's an interfering, arrogant bully. But when they work together to investigate a case of kidnapping, human trafficking, and murder...sparks begin to fly. Is this any way to start a romance?

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Book #1
Out of work and on the verge of being homeless, Sylvie Jenkins takes a job with reclusive writer Connor Hudson. He's a bestselling author and billionaire entrepreneur. Sparks fly when the demanding dom decides his feisty new employee needs taming. She eventually succumbs to his charms, but he's keeping secrets. The women in his past keep turning up dead. Is this dom capable of murder?

Book #2
Sylvie Jenkins' life is upended when boss and lover, billionaire Connor Hudson, becomes the prime suspect in a string of grisly murders. Those who love him...die! He sends her away; exiling her to his Park Ave. penthouse. They meet in secret, but he's changed. He has a dark cruel side that frightens her. What she discovers in a hidden closet, leaves her wondering...could he be capable of murder?

Book #3
Jealous and angry, her relationship with Connor in tatters, Sylvie decides to escape her penthouse prison. She flees to an isolated cottage in the Catskill Mountains where she hopes to lick her wounds and mend her broken heart. She may have escaped her lover, but not the killer. He knows where she is…and he's coming to claim her!


Her mother's death freed Lea from a lifetime of repression and frigidity, only to make her the helpless prey of wild fantasies and nightmare terror. Alone in her mountain cabin retreat, Lea's body and her very soul are subjugated by a phantom from the depths of Hell, who demands that she worship at his evil shrine. To transform the demon into the flesh-and-blood lover she craves. Lea is forced to commit crime after hideous crime, until she realizes that only the ultimate sacrifice will satisfy her Master's lust!

Satan, the Lord of Darkness, has given the people a savior, a Messiah! While he rules the netherworld, his daughter, Ara, oversees his worldly realm. She's the keeper of the faith. Her frenzied followers worship her with as much zeal as they do the King of Demons. Her concert tours and sermons overflow with true believers, willing to burn themselves alive to show their devotion to her. The clergy and aristocracy loathe her. They think she's a fanatic who riles up lowborns and slaves with her foolish talk of salvation. Her ideas are radical! She preaches against priestly greed, and the debauchery and cruelty of the world. In a place where all Satan's children bear his mark, coal-black eyes, her blue eyes are seen as an abomination by the clerics. They've never trusted Ara. The high priests tried to kill her the day she was born; but she was Satan's spawn and he protected her. As Ara grew, so did her position, power, and control. The high priests may hate her, but they're afraid to openly defy or plot against her…until the rumors start. They say something's wrong with Ara. She's acting irrationally! Hearing voices! Seeing things that aren't there! She's become unhinged and must be stopped before her delusions and rantings upend the world!


Is something wrong with Santa Claus? He stopped at their house on Christmas Eve. He ate the cookies and drank the milk they put out for him. But he didn't fill their stockings or leave them any presents. Why? Was Santa getting forgetful? Was there an emergency back at the North Pole? Could he have put them on his naughty list by mistake? Millie needs to use her detective skills to solve the mystery of the missing presents before Christmas is ruined!

Millie Muldoon has been called in on a new case. It's two days before Thanksgiving and her cousin Richard's pet turkey, Monica, has disappeared. The family fears she's been turkey-napped! Assisted by her pesky little brother Roger and her annoying boy cousins: the Konitskis, the Larabees, and the Rossis; Millie must use all her detective skills to make sure that Monica doesn't wind up as the main course of someone's holiday feast. It's a race against the clock as Millie follows every clue, tracks down every lead, and questions every suspect to discover the culprit and save Monica before it's too late!


Poo used to be a good dog but not anymore. Her behavior is upsetting her owners, annoying the neighbors, and disrupting the whole neighborhood. No one can figure out what’s wrong until a smart little girl named Lupe solves the mystery and saves the neighborhood.

Kia likes to visit a little bay near her house. No one takes care of it. The bay is dirty and filled with trash. One day Kia discovers an injured manatee in the water. She worries that the animal won't survive unless someone cleans the bay and gets rid of the garbage. It's a big job, but Kia is determined. With the help of friends and family, she manages to rescue the manatee and save the day.

Six-year old Keesha has a problem. There's a duck stuck in a hole in her front yard. She needs to find a way to get it out. Keesha comes up with several ideas, but none of them work. She needs to act quickly, before the neighbor's dog and cat can harm the duck. Can she save it? She must use all her problem-solving skills to find a way to set it free.

Edward Beachum takes good care of his teeth. He brushes and flosses everyday to keep them sparkling white. He's never had a problem with his mouth until he wakes up one morning and finds a family of Farbles living there. Workmen fixing the old bandstand in the park across the street have dug up the pebble path where the Farbles lived, destroying their home. They've taken up residence in James' mouth and intend to stay there until the pebble paths are repaired and they can go home again. James is horrified. He wants them to leave. Though he tries everything he can think of to evict them, they refuse to go. When the city decides to replace the pebble paths with cement sidewalks, leaving the Farbles permanently homeless, James must come up with a plan to save their home and rid himself of the Farbles once and for all.


As a young child, Philomena Rienzi was considered bright and precocious. There was only one problem, she did not speak. Her Italian immigrant parents, believing in Old World concepts of shame, bad blood, and divine retribution for parental sins, think she's retarded. Denying her help and compassion, they try to hide her from the world, keeping her tied to a tree in the yard like an animal.

As she grows into her adolescence, however, Philomena finds kindness from a middleaged bachelor neighbor, Tony Giordano, and the elderly Signora Mancuso. Under their care, Philomena's world expands a little, and she and Tony begin to care deeply for each other.

But tensions at home worsen. Philomena's mother begins to slip into insanity and takes her hatred out on Philomena. Her father deserts the family. Finally, when Philomena's mother discovers that her child is not retarded but only mute, her guilt drives her to suicide.

At first, Philomena's prospects brighten. Tony and the Signora take her into their home and she is treated like a human being for the first time in her life. But, being without parents or a guardian, she is made a ward of the State of New York and placed in an institution for the retarded. Given no diagnostic tests to identify the true nature of her handicap, she is injected with sedatives, condemned to be a human vegetable.

But Tony has other plans. Determined to give her a chance for as normal a life as possible, he takes her from the asylum and is charged with abduction.

What happens during the trial will astonish you, anger you, and touch your heart.


In the deadly game of war, player nations must continually “up the ante” on their enemies. Sparing no expense to create an arsenal of ever more lethal, ever more destructive weaponry. But an escalating arms race can have unintended consequences. Cataclysmic, catastrophic consequences! Something goes terribly awry while testing a new type bomb. Its detonation unleashes an apocalypse, bringing a once mighty empire to its knees in ruin. Who will save the dying nation? Who will extend a helping hand? When friends and allies abandon them there is just one place to turn...the enemy!

   "They were a proud race, these beings, convinced that they were the living form that should reign supreme above all things.

After a terrible holocaust 300 years before, only the Land survives. Tayla, crown princess of the realm, senses a secret bond between the sisters and the beasts of burden who serve them. Unlike cows, horses, and swine, these two-legged beasts are treated with extreme cruelty and contempt. They are either worked to death or ritually slaughtered. It is not until Tayla finds the ancient texts that she realizes who and what the beasts are. The ancient ones called them men!

Hell awaited those who survived the nuclear war. Humanity had reverted to barbarism. All the evils of the old society had grown worse. Sunny had been captured by four men who informed her she was now their wife. When the survivors organized, the men far outnumbered the women. They created a society and a family structure that supported male dominance. By their decree women existed only to serve their husbands and male masters. Sunny resisted, but was beaten and forced to submit. When she could bear no more of their cruelty, she tried to run away. But they dragged her back. Then Sunny found a gun.

Whirling out in space, the spacecraft ALPHA-ARK is doomed. The ship's complex life-support systems have malfunctioned and no one knows how to repair them. Without the machines there can be no food. The crew will starve, their ship condemned to travel the infinite universe for eternity. The discovery of a secret computer, reveals the truth of their past and the fate that awaits them if the ship should land. They are not alone on the Ark. The masters who would enslave them lie sleeping, frozen, ready to rise again.