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Are We There Yet?

January 2019

Arthur isn't happy! His family and flock are flying south for the winter and he doesn't want to go. He'd rather stay where he is! But he has no choice in the matter…winter is coming! Arthur has to go, whether he likes it or not. And he definitely doesn't like it. Flight School is tough. Getting off the ground isn't nearly as easy as it looks. Flying is hard work. Arthur especially doesn't like having to fly in V formation all the time. It's boring! Arthur would rather fly in circles, swoop, and dive. He wants to take time to enjoy the scenery. Or fly off by himself to grab a snack or explore a bit. But that's not allowed. When he doesn't get his way, Arthur pouts and sulks. The flock becomes annoyed by his antics. They're behind schedule because of his constant fooling around. When Arthur isn't whining…he's complaining. He hates the brown yucky food they make him eat. He hates having to follow the stupid rules. He hates the flock…everyone is always bossing him around and telling him what to do. But most of all…he hates migrating! It's all work. There's no time to play or have fun. But sometimes fun can get you into trouble. Big trouble. Along the way, Arthur encounters power lines, windmills, decoys, hunters, doughnuts, stampeding children, a mean old lady, and a nasty grey gander. But it will take a raging river and a scary night alone to make Arthur change his ways.

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