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I Can't Talk, I've Got Farbles in My Mouth

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Edward Beachum takes good care of his teeth. He brushes and flosses everyday to keep them sparkling white. He's never had a problem with his mouth until he wakes up one morning and finds a family of Farbles living there.


Workmen fixing the old bandstand in the park across the street have dug up the pebble path where the Farbles lived, destroying their home. They've taken up residence in James' mouth and intend to stay there until the pebble paths are repaired and they can go home again. James is horrified. He wants them to leave. Though he tries everything he can think of to evict them, they refuse to go.


When the city decides to replace the pebble paths with cement sidewalks, leaving the Farbles permanently homeless, James must come up with a plan to save their home and rid himself of the Farbles once and for all.

"Who are you?" James demanded, "And what are you doing in my mouth?"

"We're Farbles," the fattest one said. "I'm Burt, and this is my wife Gert and the girls: Sal, Tish, Jane, Barb, May, Dee, Fay and Lee, and the boys: Roy, Ray, Jay, Ed, Fred, Sam, Jed and Ben. And over there is Grandpa Stan and Grannie Em and Gert's folks Grandpa Zac and Grandma Sue and Uncle Zeke and Auntie Lou and of course the baby, little Irwin."