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Published by Manor Books in 1979 under the pseudonym Mary Vigliante

Although this book is out of print. Used copies are still available at:

After a terrible holocaust 300 years before, only the Land survives. Tayla, crown princess of the realm, senses a secret bond between the sisters and the beasts of burden who serve them. Unlike cows, horses, and swine, these two-legged beasts are treated with extreme cruelty and contempt. They are either worked to death or ritually slaughtered. It is not until Tayla finds the ancient texts that she realizes who and what the beasts are. The ancient ones called them men!

Transcript of comments from "Spaceship PRK" radio show, WPRK-FM, Orlando, FL January 9, 1980.
Hosts: Gary Roen and Pat Flannigan


Pat: "What else have you been reading this week?"


Gary: "I read one called The Land from Manor Corporation which every once in a while comes up with something really good. This is one of them.....I thoroughly enjoyed it. It takes the premise that our world has been destroyed and women are in control....There are no men....It's really very good, very fast reading!"